Writing music intended for film differs from more traditional ways of creating music. Inspiration comes from a specific story and evolves through a dialogue with the director about the emotions and moods intended for that particular film.

For me, the greatest challenge and joy in being a film composer lies in capturing an emotion prompted by the film and expanding its universe, enhancing it in such a way that experiencing the film brings a spectator to the point of fusion between music, sound, and pictures.

I have been writing music for film since 1996. Over the years, this has involved more than 150 productions – from electronic music and cross-over to different size orchestras, from feature films and short fiction to documentaries.

My credits include the French features “La vie en grand” (Learn by Heart) by Mathieu Vadepied, “Toutes nos envies” (All Our Desires) by Philippe Lioret, “Soldat Blanc” by Erick Zonca, “Rien de personnel” (Ordinary People) by Mathias Gokalp, ”Dernier étage gauche gauche” (Top Floor, Left Wing) by Angelo Cianci and Danish blockbusters “Kongekabale” (King’s Game) by Nikolaj Arcel and “All Inclusive” by Hella Joof. Other Danish features include: “Klumpfisken” (The Sunfish) by Søren Balle, “Velsignelsen” (The Blessing) by Heidi Maria Faisst and “Sorte Kugler” (What Goes Around) by Anders Matthesen.

Credits also include the Oscar-winning short fiction film “The Mozart of Pickpockets” by French director Philippe Pollet-Villard and the Oscar winning short “This Charming Man” by Martin Strange-Hansen, as well as the TV-series for DR “Tidsrejsen” (Time Travel) and the TV-series and feature film “Lærkevej” (Park Road).